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411 - Makes MH ali into a simple information base -- as well as
	its original function of handling mail aliases.
	The command "411 jpeek" yields the following address
	(which happens to be from 1994...):

	Jerry Peek <jerry@ora.com>
		O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
		632 Petaluma Avenue
		Sebastopol, CA 95472
		phone	800 338 6887

ifile - Front-end to mhn that figures out types and understands ~.
	Run it out of a shell escape in your editor and something like

	ifile ~/pics/disser.jpg
        ifile -ftp ~/pics/disser.jpg
        ifile -tar ~/pics/disser.jpg


	#image/jpeg /afs/engin.umich.edu/u/d/i/disser/pics/disser.jpg
	#@image/jpeg [] access-type=FTP ; \
	     name="/afs/engin.umich.edu/u/d/i/disser/pics/disser.jpg" ; \
	#application/octet-stream ; type=tar ; \
	     conversions=x-compress /tmp/ifile.20708

mhpp - Automatically sets fcc field based on header contents.
	Does completion on aliases, too.
	Depends on file with format similar to following:


ref - Automatically refiles messages based on header contents
	Uses same config file as mhpp, above.

sift_mail - Mail sorting script that uses perl regexps and a
	config file like this:

	News			$hdrs{"apparently-to"} =~ /brent/i
	CERT			&to_cc("@cert")
	Sun Security		&to_cc("security-contacts") || &to_cc("cws@")
	Majordomo Results	&from("Majordomo@GreatCircle.COM") 
	X				&& &subject("Majordomo results")
	Brian Lloyd	&from("brian@lloyd.com") 
	X			|| &from("brian@angband.stanford.edu") 
	X			|| &from("brian@mail.barrnet.net")

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